Viking Success Secrets

The Vikings were, perhaps the most successful sailors and merchants of their day. All success leaves clues, including their success!

Debunked: The most often told lie about goal setting.

Everte Farnell

Jan 31 2017

Discover the most often repeated lie about goal setting. When you accept the truth about this one lie, you find your goals become easier, your focus increases and your life gets better.

Imagine for a moment that you could succeed or you could die. You achieved your goals within a set time frame or your family buried your dead body. Do you think you might be more motivated? Would you ignore the advice of those successful people who came before you? I doubt it... Despite their reputation, most viking sailors were business people who were looking for new ports to trade in. Sure there were some raiders, and none of the dragon ship riders were opposed to raiding in need be, but their first desire was to trade. Over a few generations, they became the most successful traders in the world, eventually mingling with the various cultures they traded with. The Vikings could succeed or they would die. They'd freeze to death, they'd get lost at sea, or they'd run out of food. If we put the lessons they lived by to work in our lives today, we can't help but succeed. After all, life is easier, the stakes aren't life or death, and we get as many second chances as we want. About Everte Farnell

Everte Farnell is a stanch Libertarian and Objectivist. Through his belief in self responsibility and free market capitalism, he has been able to create and run several businesses.
He is an evangelical entrepreneur, freedom advocate and devoted husband and father.
"I am dedicated to spreading the message of freedom and helping to push back against the government that is rampant in our world today.
Nothing saves lives, cleans the planet and lifts people our of poverty like entrepreneurial capitalism...NOTHING! And it's about time someone said so!

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Debunked: The most often told lie about goal setting.